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Dry Food Storage

With us, you can have a well maintained storeroom, with exactly the items you need according to your menus.
You can place a complete order according to your needs, fill a container and have it shipped to you by sea fright. We purchase your products directly from the producers in order to get the best price deal and then ship it out to you by sea fright, which takes about 2 to 3 months to be delivered. Through this procedure the cost saving is really big for your business.

Containers’ Sizes & Types

Based on your order, different sizes of containers are available. Freezer containers are also available, fully covering all of your needs.

Flour & Bakery

Flour is always an issue in many counties, especially if you bake your own bread and pastries. We can ship you a whole container of top quality German bread flour and this way your baker will have always the same top-quality product to work with. This makes him and your customers very happy.


For your storeroom we have only the best quality of products available:

• Large selection of oils for cooking, frying and baking
• The entire vinegar variety you may want, from the best balsamic vinegar to the most basic vinegar for cleaning.
• Dry herbs and spices, all guaranteed to be free of bacterias and airtight packed so to protect their flavours.
• All kind of can goods, from the top manufacturers in Europe.
• All the dry goods your chef needs for cooking.
• Top quality fresh nuts packed in special bags so to protect the delicate flavour.
• Top quality of fruit and vegetable juices which we can ship them fresh, frozen, concentrated or powdered so to have all of your needs are covered.
• Marmalades -jams and jellies- from the best producers, in bulk or portion packed. We do have and provide all the Nutella products as well.
• All the products your Pastry Chef may need for creating the best sweet creations for miles around.
• Delicacies from around the world, just have a look on our list and you will be amazed.
• Wines from Europe, beer from Germany, top spirits, special liquors. Smaller amounts we can send by air freight or larger orders by sea container freight.
• Freshly roasted coffee, even your own special coffee blend, roasted according to your liking and packed into your own bag or container, with your logo. A nice gift idea as well to sell to your guests in your hotel shop.
• Chocolate and chocolate products from the best producers of Switzerland and Belgium, the world leaders in this field.
• Mini-Bar products like Mars bars, Bounty and Peanuts, we can help you find always something special just for your operation.
• Do you have any brilliant idea and/or any special inquiry? Just let us know and we will provide the perfect solution for your business.

We have no minimum or maximum order limit. We send you what you need in the quantity you need. We buy direct from the producers -so no middlemen- at the best price guaranteed and for the longest possible shelf life. We ship by air, sea and -if you build the bridge-, by truck as well.

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