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Meat Products

We offer a wide selection of European, Argentinian, Brazilian, US beef, veal, lamb, pork and poultry meat products.

If you also need, we can provide you with Australian meat products but if you are located in Asia, we recommend you to contact us and we could help you locate a great quality supplier directly in Australia. This service of ours will be free-of-charge for our loyal customers.

Meat Products Overview


All meat products are available as portion controlled cuts, according to you needs. Our butchers in Germany are able to cut everything for you, according to your specifications, then vacuum packed everything - as bulk or portions - according to your needs.
The advantages for your business:
Labor cost saving
Better inventory control
Hygienically secured with longer shelf-life
Zero product waste
You only receive what you need. No cargo costs for fat and/or other trimmings. 100% pure meat. Only what you pay, only what you need.


Sample Product/s


In general the Central European beef is a good quality beef and can be used for stew, roulade, braising, boiling, for meatloaf, meatballs, hamburgers and so on. Even for grilling. But we would only recommend it for buffets. The main reason is that the European customers do not like the fat on steak. Likewise the marbling of the meat will not be accepted as well by the same customers.

A big variety of other brands & products is available.
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Sample Product/s

German fat-free beef meat.


Sample Product/s

US and Australian with great marbling.
Juicier and more flavoured.
The marbling gives flavour and keeps the steak juicy and more tender.

In addition, we can provide you with certified Scottish Aberdeen Angus beef for great roasts or steaks.
Or the following top quality European beef:
• UK - Certified Hereford beef, Orkney beef, Scotch beef, Welsh beef
• Spain - Carne de Ávila, Carne de Cantabria, Carne de la Sierra de Guadarrama, Carne de Morucha de Salamanca
• France - Taureau de Camargue, Boeuf charolais du Bourbonnais, Boeuf de Chalosse, Boeuf du Maine
• Belgium - Belgian Blue
• US - Longhorns and Angus beef, prime or Choice Quality, Corn or Grass Feed. As this beef is exported to the EU, it is free of any hormones.
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