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Dairy Products

Germany, Switzerland, France, Holland, England, Italy, Spain, Denmark and so on, all those countries are producing great dairy products.

We buy for you on different markets around Europe the best products and ship them as fast as possible to you for your valued guests.

For Cheese Products, please consult our Cheese Products section here.

We have for you great quality of yogurts, produced from the freshest Alp Milk, plain or with all kind of different flavours of the ripest fruits.

We provide a wide selection of UHT or pasteurised milk with different high fat content, for the foaming of coffee's milk. We recommend a 3,5% fat level. As the German milk reaches this fat content without adding milk powder, the foam becomes much richer in comparison with the milk from middle-eastern countries.

In parallel we carry a large selection of heavy cream for cooking and pastry, at 35% fat content. Lower fat content creams are also available from different producers.
Sour cream is also available in bulk and portion from different producers along with Quark - a European type of fresh cheese - which is also available in bulk and portion.

Dairy Products Overview

Top-Quality Yogurts
Yogurt Drinks
Special diet products (i.e. Lactose-Free)
Low-fat Drinks
Fit & Active Drinks
Heavy Creams for Cooking & Pastry
Sour Creams
Large sizes


Sample Product/s

Top-Quality Yogurts

A big variety of other brands & products is available.
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